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Periodically the Indiana Archaeological Society will feature a new artifact sent in by an IAS member.


To submit artifact pictures and stories; send only clear digital pictures and well written stories of the artifact history or how you obtained the artifact  to: [email protected]    

Artifacts and stories do not have to be only Indiana found.



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In 2014 the Indiana Archaeological Society instituted a Lifetime Achievement Award to be given to those who over their lifetime have shown a dedication and contribution to the Indiana Archaeological Society.

These individuals will be listed here:


Collector's Corner:

This beautiful genuine Circa: 700 BC Adena Culture bluish gray slate prehistoric tube pipe was found by A.B. between 1900-1930 on his Portage County Ohio farm field, near the town of Ravenna, while plowing behind a team of horses. A.B. passed away in the 1940s and the collection was placed in storage until last year. It measures just under 7 inches and has great patination overall. 

Most everyone who collects prehistoric or historic artifacts seems to have a love or a passion to collect a certain type of artifact as their specialty .It could be the prehistoric Bannerstone or flint Arrowheads or historic Catlinite Pipes or it could simply be just to collect all artifacts from a particular area. Personally I like to see type collections and the history that goes with the pieces. 

History on ownership or how and where the piece was found does not add or take away from the authenticity of a piece, but gives provenance or the ability to track the artifacts from the field through the hands of collectors who have owned the piece. It is a real joy for me to find an artifact and then through research find that it was Identified, pictured, and/or described in an past archaeological journal. It is very important that we save all historic information that comes with these prehistoric pieces for generations to come. We are just the caretakers of these pieces, They will all be in other hands in the future. 


David Moore CAA

Certified Antiques Appraiser

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