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Who we are:

The Indiana Archaeological Society (IAS) was founded in 1951 with Earl Townsend Jr. as it's first acting President. It is one of the oldest Archaeological Societies in the United States. The Society was organized to promote a better understanding of ancient cultures and to disseminate knowledge on the subject of Archaeology among students, collectors of archaeological materials, both professional and non-professional as well as museums and institutions throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

The early days of the Indiana Archaeological Society saw a few but very dedicated group of members. Many of the early meetings were held in Earl Townsend's home. IAS members have included the likes of Revis Campbell, Cameron Parks, Gordon Hart, Earl Townsend Jr., Floyd Gish, Professor E. R. Honeywell, "Horsefly" and Billy Bush, Dr. Marvin Hawes and the list goes on.

Our membership is made up of people from all walks of life, old and young alike, from Indiana and many other states in the nation and includes libraries, museums, colleges and universities. The Indiana Society is part of a multi-state national organization called the Central States Archaeological Society which is made up of a number of state societies in the mid-west, central and southern United States.

The Indiana Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization that has no paid officers or employees. It is organized and run by dedicated volunteers who generously give of their time out of love for the hobby.

What we do:

Mostly have lots of fun! We have numerous events each year through-out the state for both members and the public to enjoy. Our shows span the year from early spring to fall and are free for the general public to attend and enjoy. The enthusiasm runs high at the shows as everyone is sharing stories of their latest finds and acquisitions as well as helping each other and the public know if the "rock" they found is a real Indian relic. Sharing the history, use of the relic, what it is made of, where it was found and to think that the last time someone else touched it may have been thousands of years ago is all very exciting!

Membership Benefits:

Besides getting to rub elbows with others that enjoy your interest and passion for our native heritage and history, you will receive four issues per year of the "Central States Archaeological Journal". This Journal is packed full of pictures of relics and collectors, both old and new as well as terrific articles about a variety of artifacts, ancient civilizations, collecting stories and scientific articles. The journal also acts as a great resource for the calendar of events, other state society contacts and other upcoming events and conferences. You will also receive the benefit of this free informative web-site including several full color Indiana Archaeological Society newsletters. Membership also entitles you to display your collection at any of the state sanctioned shows and the possibility of becoming a future Indiana Archaeological Society officer.

The Indiana Archaeological Society membership has substantially grown since it's early days and growth continues today with new members joining every year. The IAS provides youth o rid our shows of fake and reproduction artifacts and adult awards for displays at IAS sponsored shows. The life-blood of any organization is it's membership. 

Your membership is needed and appreciated. Thank you for your participation.

IAS History. Please see the "about IAS" page

IAS Officers and contact information. Please see the "IAS Officers" Page

IAS currently publishes 4 Newsletters per year to the membership. Please see the "IAS Newsletter" Page for a sample of this publication.

IAS requests it's membership to submit pictures of personal artifacts along with stories behind the acquisition. Please see the "IAS Members" page to view *(after approval) a new featured monthly Member's artifact.

IAS currently sponsors 6 shows per year where members can display and discuss artifacts. Please see the "IAS Calendar of Events" page for further information.

The IAS welcomes your membership and hopes your knowledge of Archaeology will grow as a benefit. Please see the "IAS Membership Application" Page to Join the Indiana Archaeological Society.

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