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Indiana Archaeological Society

Learning by sharing Indiana's past through Archaeology 

Periodically the Indiana Archaeological Society will feature a new artifact sent in by an IAS member.

To submit artifact pictures and stories; send only clear digital pictures and well written stories of the artifact history or how you obtained the artifact to: [email protected]

Artifacts and stories do not have to be only Indiana found.

*As Officers of the Indiana Archaeological Society it is our goal to show only genuine artifacts on this website. All Artifacts will be reviewed by at least three IAS officers for approval before posting on this website. Any artifacts that are not unanimously approved by this team will not be posted. The names of these officers will be held in confidence. This approval process is only an opinion and does not constitute a binding or permanent opinion on any artifact submitted. Because of the number of requests for submission, only a limited number of artifacts will be published every year.

*The Indiana Archaeological Society and it's officers are not responsible or liable for the content of any picture or story posted to this website submitted by individual members. Members are responsible for the legality and correctness of any submission.


In keeping with the Federal and State mandates, the 2020 IAS sponsored artifact show at Booneville Indiana (March) has been cancelled and the Peru Indiana Artifact Show (April) has been postponed due to the Covid 19 Virus. Please check the Calendar of events for updates


Member Information

Now 3 easy ways to pay for your yearly Membership. See the "How to become an IAS member" page.

Because of increased costs (Quarterly Newsletter publishing and membership mailing costs) the 2020 membership dues have been increased to $26 per year for mail in memberships and $28 per year for PayPal or Credit card memberships (to cover PayPal and credit card fees)

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.